Moran Defends Blocking Military Sexual Assault Vote

Sen. Jerry Moran is defending his move on the Senate floor Monday, blocking a vote on a measure aimed at combating sexual assaults in the military.

Moran, R-Kansas, told 13 News in an interview Tuesday that he wanted to keep Senate Democratic leaders from blocking discussion of sanctions against Iran.

"Every day that goes by, Iran is becoming a greater threat, not only to the Middle East, but to the United States as well as they continue to develop nuclear capabilities," Moran said. "My goal (Monday) was to see that both issues - the issue of sexual assault and the issue of a nuclear Iran and sanctions against the country - would both be considered by the Senate."

Moran says his action was successful in achieving the goal of bringing both issues to the floor without significant delays for either.

He says he agrees the issue of sexual assault in the military must be addressed and he supports the proposals which removes military personnel in the chain of command from considering sexual assault reports.

"This is an issue that has serious consequences for individuals, serious consequences for our military and its chain of command, but it's something that we can't look the other way," Moran said. "The goal being not just the passage of legislation. The goal being those who serve in our military feel more secure in their service to our country, they feel less threatened and, if something that we hope never happens does happen, that they feel comfortable that the military, the American people, the process is on their side to see that justice is done."

Moran says the sexual assault measure should now come up for vote next week, with a debate on Iran this week. However, he says there is no commitment for a vote on sanctions against Iran.

Hear more from Sen. Moran in the video above.