Mom Speaks Out After Wichita Toddler Dies In Accidental Shooting

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- Yesterday started just like most Tuesdays for the Hunt family.

"Yesterday was a normal day, I got off of work at 7 in the morning," said Henrietta Hunt. "I came home and I cooked for my kids, I watched TV with them."

But quickly, the day turned tragic. Hunt says after working the overnight shift, she needed sleep. She says she and her boyfriend work the same hours, and usually take turns watching the kids. But yesterday, a fatal mistake was made.

"He was supposed to get up, but he didn't get up on time," Hunt said. "It just happened too quick, I don't know."

While they were sleeping, she says her three-year-old boy, Jahmez, climbed on top of the kitchen cabinet above the refrigerator.

"He was getting up there to get a bag of chips," Hunt said. "And he grabbed the wrong thing."

While Hunt said he was there for a bag of chips, police said Wednesday that the children had found the gun earlier in the day and Jahmez went back to it later.

In either case, Jahmez accidentally shot himself and died from his injuries. Henrietta says the gun belonged to her boyfriend, and she was unaware the weapon was up there.

"I didn't even know there was a gun in my house, I don't allow any weapons, no form of anything around my kids that can harm them," Hunt said.

But the combination of a carelessly placed gun and miscommunication resulted in tragedy, killing a little boy.

"Jahmez was my everything, he was the smartest little boy ever," Hunt said. "My baby was everything to me."

Hunt's three other children are in state protective custody while the investigation continues.