Mock Wreck Gives Students A Dose Of Reality

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A wreck outside an area high school Wednesday morning gave students a strong dose of reality.

The good news - it was only a drill.

Sometimes it takes a drastic act to teach a lesson.

For Shawnee Heights High School students, seeing their classmates taken away from the scene of a crash was supposed to teach them about the dangers of texting and drinking while driving.

Chance Lammer was one of the organizers. "They don't want to experience this."

It was a mock crash, but Students Against Destructive Decisions, a student group, felt it would drive the message home.

"Maybe it'll help deter them from wanting to go drink or wanting to text and drive," Lammer said, "because as we know, it's prom and graduation season, a very vulverable time for them."

The students were gathered around the mock crash, in which two cars had collided as a result of drunk driving, leaving two students dead. Sirens flashed as the local fire department, AMR and deputies cleaned up the scene.

"I'm looking through the group and I'm seeing a lot of them are handling it a lot better than I thought," S.A.D.D sponsor Reid Martin said. "There's a lot of joking before they came out here and I think laughing alonb, but I think the kids settled down a lot and are taking it in."

After the wreck, crews discussed the dangers of destructive decision with the students, hoping that it would stick.

"You have a tough crowd," Martin said, "These kids see a lot better special effects than we'll ever produce, but seeing their classmates getting hauled off - I think it's profound."

Martin said Shawnee Heights High hadn't done a mock crash in quite some time, and the administration was supportive of the whole thing.