Mock Crash Gives Students Reality Check About Texting & Driving

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Kids are reminded of the dangers of texting and driving all the time from TV, parents, teachers and the Internet, but how do they react when they can actually see what really happens when texting and driving ends tragically?

Mission Valley High School in Eskridge, Kansas emotionally engaged students through a mock crash this morning to show them the dangers of picking up their cell on the road.

Four students acted in the accidents, one of which ended in a fatality.

Local emergency crews worked the accident while students watched, and police officers questioned the driver as if it were a real accident.

Although the students knew it was an act, the message still came through.

Cody Smallwood, a junior, said the mock crash might hit home for people with similar experiences. "It's deep. It's hard to imagine even, it's too real for me to comprehend."

"Don't drive and text, and pay attention to the road," Shayla Borsdorf, freshman, said. "The road is more important than anything else, basically."

Today's mock crash didn't end with the crash, though. After lunch, the students learned that someone has to take responsibility for texting and driving. A mock trial was held to put the texter on trial.

Ashley Weber, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, said the mock crash was held to give students a realistic look on how texting and driving can end up.

Usually the school puts on a mock crash for drinking and driving, but this year the issue of texting and driving is more prevalent.

"For us, I think texting and driving is much more important. Everybody has a cell phone and I don't think they see the relevance," Weber said. "Glancing down for a second, they don't realize what can actually happen in that second."

Weber said the school hasn't put on this mock crash for about four years.

A local judge and attorneys participated in the mock trial, as well as students taking parts as assistants.