Mobile Food Distribution Helps Local Families

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) Community volunteers are braving the cold temperatures outside and helping those in need for the holiday season.

"Out here, at least, we can survive with the help with what the Harvest gives us and whatever else," says Mel Batson.

Reverend Roger Randal from Randel Ministries says there is no I.D. or proof of income required. It is first come, first serve.

"If the mobile food distribution weren't in place, there would be families going hungry, so its very important," says Randel.

Volunteers filled carts with cabbage, milk, apples, and eggs to help people in need for this holiday season.

"It helps the people in need, you know everyone needs help," says volunteer, Kenneth Dean Coffman.

Randel says 250-300 families waited in line at a mobile food distribution at the Family of God Church, among them is Mel and Ester Batson--they say they have struggled paying their utility bills.

"I couldn't make it with what I make, I'm on a fixed income, and by myself, my husband passed away, 4 years ago, I just couldn't make it, and if it wasn't for God's help, I couldn't do it without the pantries," says Ester Batson.

"Have a good Thanksgiving, God bless, thank you," says a volunteer.

Organizers say they are always happy to serve the community and Ester says she couldn't be more thankful.

"This time of year, they help me out so much," says Ester.

This was the final mobile food distribution until April.