Miller Believes Hudson Crimes Were "Target-Specific" Crimes

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller says he believes crimes at the Hudson Crossing were targeted.

Earlier in January, Topeka developer Corey Brown’s body was found in Douglas County. He helped develop the shopping center at S.E. 15th and Adams.

A liquor store clerk was shot and killed on Christmas Eve at Hudson Liquor, located in Hudson Crossing. Two clerks were also critically wounded after being shot during a holdup at the neighboring Mo’s Express Convenience Store in November.

“I don’t believe that the crimes at Hudson Crossing were random acts. We believe they were specific, target-specific crimes for that location,” said Miller.

Miller says he has also heard rumors about possible underground criminal activity going on at the Hudson Crossing.

“I’ve heard probably as many rumors of the things that have occurred there, involving the location and the people, and all of that. We’re running all of those leads down,” said Miller.

Miller says there are more patrols going on in the area.

“It isn’t that routine patrols are going to prevent a target-specific crime. Routine patrols, random patrols prevent opportunists from committing crime,” said Miller.