"Mighty Moe" Morgan Kottman Battles Her Brain Tumor With A Smile

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Cancer is unpredictable, and for one family, they say you can either laugh or cry, so they're laughing as much as possible.

Morgan Kottman may be young, but her attitude about her diagnosis is something to look up to.

She's 13 years old, so of course Morgan just wants to hang out with her friends and go shopping over spring break. Instead, she makes the trip to Kansas City every day for cancer treatments.

"You sit in a waiting room and you go in there," Morgan said. "The worst part is it smells really bad, that's probably the worst part ever. It's so gross!"

Morgan was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor, but the Seaman Middle School eighth grader nicknamed "Mighty Moe" is determined to kick what the family calls her "friendly tumor" to the curb.

"She's going to be strong, that's why she's Mighty Moe," her mother Christine said, "and she's going to fight hard, and we got lots of people that will help her."

"And when she can't do it, we'll be there to help her," her dad Jerry added.

So with family and friends, they've rallied around with fundraisers from Krispy Kreme Donut sales, to bracelets, to t-shirts and more.

"I didn't know I knew this many people," Morgan said.

That includes family friend Tod Peters, who coaches the Washburn Rural baseball team, proceeds from their April 26th game against Seaman, along with a silent auction, will be donated to the Kottman family.

"There's so many people out there that are helping in so many ways, and like I said, I don't know what to say or what to do," Peters said, "this was the only thing I knew to do, just play baseball."

Each team will wear the pink and green tshirts made for Morgan.

The Kottmans see this as just a little bump in the road, so that Moe can get back to being the free-spirited teen she is.

"She's been very strong and she hasn't really been mad or sad or cried about this a whole lot," Christine said. "She's doing good, all she wants to do is get back to normal."

Moe tells herself the same thing every day. "I guess you say just keep moving forward."

"That's right," Jerry said. "Stay positive and we know we can beat this thing."

The Kottman's church, Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church is holding a Lenten fish fry March 22 and all proceeds are going to them as well.

To donate an item to the silent auction at the baseball game on April 26, contact Tod Peter's wife, Fay Peters, at machias94@cox.net. It will be held in the Optimist Building, located beyond right field at the Seaman baseball complex. Bidding will start before the first game and continue to the first pitch of the second inning of the second game.

The Kottmans and the Peters are encouraging everyone and anyone to come out and support Moe and purchase a tshirt.

To purchase a tshirt, contact Darin Sumner at darinsumner@rocketmail.com