Meadows Elementary Celebrates Another Fit And Fun Year

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Students at Meadows Elementary celebrated another year of fitness with their 5th annual Fit Day event this morning.

Around 700 kids took part in a mile long run and some gymnasium fun featuring the Topeka High Drumline.

The event began from an after school run club put together seven years ago.

This year, the club made some changes which have produced some great results.

Event co-organizer, Brenda Wagemaker said, "This spring we changed our run club which we had for seven years and it was always after school, but this year we had it during the school day. Just since spring break we have had them running at recess and it is their choice to run or not, and as a school we have run over 4,000 miles. Today was the finale of all of that."

Teachers keep track of the kids mileage by handing them a popsickle stick after each lap at recess.

At noon students and staff at Meadows Elementary enjoyed the Topeka High Jazz Band, as well as a barbecue cookout.