Mathletes Sum It Up

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- While college basketball's Elite Eight teams battle it out, 400 local "Mathletes" battled it out in the classroom for the Annual Sumday event.

Several fourth through eighth graders representing thirty elementary and middle schools in the Topeka area competed in the Annual Sumday math competition at Washburn Rural Middle School Saturday from 9 to 12:30pm.

This is the largest academic competition in Shawnee County. Schools send up to six students per grade level. There are two written events, one without a calculator and one with.

The top ten scorers on each test for each grade receive a ribbon and top three receive a medal.

First Place winners for each grade and category include:

4th grade:
Number Sense- Om Watson, Topeka Collegiate
Geometry- Om Watson, Topeka Collegiate

5th grade:
Number Sense- Ananya Vasu, Topeka Collegiate
Geometry- Nibi Kulkarni, Topeka Collegiate

6th Grade:
Number Sense- Irene Caracioni and Jay Ram, Topeka Collegiate
Geometry- Irene Caracioni, Topeka Collegiate

7th Grade:
Number Sense- Mohit Garg, Washburn Rural Middle
Geometry- Harun Khan, Topeka Collegiate

8th Grade:
Number Sense- Amber Schmidt, Topeka Collegiate
Geometry- Michael Navarro, Washburn Rural Middle