Red Cross Heroes: Marysville Sisters Save Boy's Life

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Last August, Marysville lifeguards Liz and Allison Manley were awarded for their heroic acts.

It was just a few months prior when 16-year-old Allison and 19-year-old Liz (18-years-old at the time) were sitting in hotel hot tub when they noticed some strange commotion near the pool.

"I saw someone run to the phone kind of frantically and there were 5 adults standing around and a little boy, Myles, who was lying on the ground unconscious," said Liz.

"And I look back at Liz and I said 'Liz we gotta go'," Allison said to her older sister.

The sisters rushed over to help 4-year-old Myles Didde. The girls say Myles' father tried to help his son, but he didn't know CPR.

So, the girls put their CPR skills to the test.

"And my sister grabbed his head for an open airway and I started doing compressions," said Allison.

"I was just in shock that this was even happening. I just looked down at him and I just prayed," said Liz.

" And soon after that he immediately spit up water and just started crying and that's when I knew it worked," Allison says as she cracks a smile.

Since then, Liz and Allison have received American Red Cross awards, including one signed by President Barack Obama. They say they are thankful to be recognized as heroes.

"It feels amazing!" said Allison.

"I just thank God for letting it go the way it did because it could have gone a lot worse or lot different," said Liz.

Myles' father says he couldn't be more grateful that the girls saved his son's life.

"It's the best thing in the world, it's the best thing in the world," said Myles' father, John Didde, as he held back tears.

Maria Seematter nominated the girls for Red Cross awards and she also trained them in CPR. The girls say they want to start their own class to help parents with CPR. Allison hopes to work in the medical field someday. Both girls say it is so important to know CPR because you never know what situation you may be in.