Mansion On Urish Deemed Worthless

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SHAWNEE COUNTY, Kan. (WIBW) -- A mansion-like home, built in southwest Shawnee County, has been deemed worthless, and likely will never be inhabited.

The building was once appraised at nearly $1.4 million.

Daniel and Peggy Bailey own the home, that contractors began building in 2009. It may look beautiful, the Baileys say it's unlivable.

The house at 5037 SW Urish has a more than 11,000 square foot living area, with a 2,500 square foot finished basement.

The home's contractors, Randy Lilley Builders, filed a civil suit against the Baileys for non-payment in October 2010. Then the Baileys filed a counter-suit, claiming the home wasn't built correctly.

"They presented to us an engineering report stating property was in very bad condition and unsound structurally in many ways," Shawnee County Appraiser Mark Hicks said.

The Baileys got an engineer to testify at a recent tax appeal hearing, saying the home's roof, windows and walls had leaks, and that the cost of fixing the problems exceeded the home's value. Engineers set the value of the home at negative $130,000, a number county appraisers say they won't appeal.

"If the building is actually of no value and has to be removed, there's a cost to that," Hicks said.

County appraisers adjusted the land value to about $38,000, and $1,700 for 30-acres of agricultural land.

The Baileys will get a refund on their 2011 property taxes. A status hearing on the civil actions between the Baileys and Lilley Builders has been set for October 29th in Shawnee County District Court.