Manhattan Residents Continue Search For Stray Dog

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - The search for a clever stray dog continued Wednesday night in Manhattan.

Several area residents joined together tonight to help catch the dog who has taken up the name Chance. While the group has normally lured Chance out with food, tonight’s efforts came with a twist.

"We had got an idea from Hope For Paws and he was able to give us some more ideas on what we could do to catch him and try to see if we could get him in a corner," said Odell Thomas. "Animal Control set up a trap over here on the curb that’s big enough to hold him. So hopefully either we can get him in the trap or we can get him in this corner with the fencing that we have."

Attempts to catch Chance fell short once again; however the group plans to continue their efforts throughout the week.