Manhattan Joint Meeting Discusses Budget Problems

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Members of USD 383 were on hand Thursday afternoon for a joint City/County commission meeting in Manhattan.

"The concern is that actions at the state level or going to force local level to pick up the slack or we’re going to have to cut something," said Mayor Wynn Butler.

The meeting’s general discussion focused on the overall mill levy for the local area. Manhattan faces several uncertainties regarding its budget and is awaiting a decision on recent state legislature before moving forward.

"Of course the dilemma is we’d prefer to not cut anything, but we may have to make some touch choices because we also realize that the salaries of folks living in the local area are not going up as fast as the cost of government. So something’s got to give," added Butler.

Commissioners spent the rest of the meeting discussing future changes to parking in the general Manhattan area. With the additional businesses and living spaces coming to the downtown area, additional parking will be needed.

Several aspects of parking were brought up, as well as several solutions.