Manhattan Adds New Downtown Restaurant

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The team behind Harry’s in downtown Manhattan has welcomed a new restaurant to the area with the installment of Bourbon & Baker.

The new addition will feature a menu with Southern and Midwestern influences offering small-plate to family sized meals. Paired with the unique food is an equally unique bar menu, featuring over 70 different varieties of bourbon, wine and beer.

"So when looking at this we wanted a kitchen and chef driven menu that also offered a complimentary bar focused on – and bourbon was a passion of all of ours- so that’s where we ended up with Bourbon and Baker," said Owner Evan Grier.

The bakery will offer select baked goods for walk-in retail, as well as daily offerings of cakes, cookies and brownies available for purchase.

Bourbon and Baker is currently open during evening hours, but plans to expand to a full schedule in a few weeks.