Man Dragged Alongside Car As Suspect Attempts To Steal It

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)-- A man showing his car to a potential buyer encounters trouble when the buyer tries to steal the car.

Cameron Dies was in the parking lot at the Dollar Tree near Harry and Rock Rd. in southeast Wichita making a phone call. The father of two, had just finished visiting with his children. According to Dies, a man came up to the window of his 2001 Chevrolet Camaro and began to ask if it was for sale.

According to Sgt. John Hoofer of the Wichita Police Department, the victim was showing off the engine of the car to the suspect, when the suspect attempted to steal the car. "When they closed the hood, the suspect hopped into the drivers seat and took off," said Hoofer.

Dies tried to stop the suspect from stealing the car by running alongside it and trying to get into the passengers' side. In the process, he was dragged along the concrete parking lot.

Witnesses at the Dollar Tree saw the suspect driving erratically to try to get Dies to fall out of the car. After several burn outs and doughnuts, Dies did.

He suffered minor injuries to both his legs, ankles and feet. Dies also lost his shoes in the process.

Even with his injuries and no shoes, Dies was able to run up to his car, which was now stuck in traffic. He got back into the vehicle and turned it off.

The suspect fled after Dies threw a few punches and took the car keys. Police were not able to locate the suspect.

One big break for police was that the suspect forgot a key piece of evidence in the car, his wallet. According to Dies, there were multiple fake ID cards with the suspects photo superimposed on them, someones social security card and a stolen ID.