Man Takes On Cross-Country Walk With His Goat

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- A man walking with a goat along the road is not something you see everyday.

There is a story behind the sight though.

13 News met up with Steve and his hoofed companion as they passed through Rossville Friday afternoon to hear the story.

"It's been phenomenal."

After Steve Wescott quit his band in Spokane, Washington, he came up with an idea to fill the time:

"I'm going to walk across America. During that time, I was like, that sound stupid, I want it to mean something."

He's making the trek from Seattle to New York City, raising money and awareness along the way for his friend's organization, Uzima Outreach, in Nairobi, Kenya. It provides food, schooling and counseling to orphaned children in the Kawangware slum. The slum is a violent, poverty-stricken place where the people, kids included, are addicted to drugs.

Steve's friend, Steven Turner, works in Nairobi. The two want to be able to support more kids and buy a farm to become self-sustainable. Wescott says there are already more than 30 kids Uzima Outreach supports.

He originally started out the trip with a Rottweiler named Louie, but after the dog injured his leg, Steve needed another companion. He looked up pack animals on the internet.

That's where LeeRoy Brown, a brown goat, came into the picture. He ended up being a huge help to Steve.

"He doesn't talk, but he's started more conversations than anyone I know, and that's what's awesome about it. He starts the conversation just by being a goat and then I tell people about Africa, and that's kind of how it works."

Over the miles, he and LeeRoy have become pretty good friends. Steve describes him as the "Goat of Destiny." He even says they talk about life and "drink Slurpees at the 7-Eleven."

"It's been this luck kind of thing. Like who would've thought a goat would help me raise money for children in Africa you know? But it's working!"

The pair don't have a plan... or even a timeline.

"I just freestyle, you know."

In fact, Steve and LeeRoy have been walking since May 2012. They were in Salt Lake City when the winter hit, and they decided to stop there.

"Once it snows, I tap out."

Steve said he couldn't find a job in Salt Lake City, so he and LeeRoy went back to Spokane for the winter. When the weather got a little better, they hitchhiked back to Salt Lake City where they left off.

Steve said Kansas has been very kind to him. Before he passed through Rossville, he had stayed with a pastor's family. Once he got to Silver Lake, he had a host house set up there. But he doesn't always have a house. He said he's not above laying on the ground, but said it did get pretty cold last night.

"Since I've been in Kansas, I've only had to sleep outside like, six times."

He want to make it to St. Louis before he stops again for the winter. Referring to LeeRoy as the "James Dean" of goats right now, Steve said they've gotten plenty of offers from people to stay at their goat farms.

Steve does have two rules: Never say "No" and he must walk every mile. Even if he gets a ride from someone to stay at their home, he asks them to drop them off where they found him.

The easygoing pair have a long way to go, but they're not even worried.

"There's no timeline. What I've learned is that the longer it takes me, the more awareness I've been raising, the more it's growing."

Steve and LeeRoy Brown are staying in Silver Lake Friday night. They will continue into Topeka, then Lawrence, then Kansas City.

The name of Steve's website,, reflects his journey; going from the Seattle Needle to New York Time Square.

He also documents his trip on