Man Charged With Murdering Mother, Possessing Child Porn, Sues For $100 Million

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A man charged with murdering his mother and possessing child pornography is suing Shawnee County.

Jason Hachmeister is suing Shawnee County for $100 million.

Hachmeister faces murder charges in the killing of his mother Sheila in September of 2011. The child porn case complaint came last March.

In a handwritten suit filed in U.S. District Court, Hachmeister claims to have converted to Islam in January 2012.

He claims his food was tampered with during Ramadan and the Shawnee County Jail discriminated against him because of his Islamic faith.

Hachmeister asks for $100 million and lists 14 defendants in the federal civil suit.

Meanwhile, in his upcoming murder case, Shawnee County prosecutors say Hachmeister stabbed his 58 year old mother Sheila 15 times in the head and the woman suffered 98 wounds before being strangled.

Hachmeister's murder trial is in May, the pornography trial in March.

No word on when a federal judge will rule on the lawsuit.