KC Man Bites Neck Of One Of 2 Dogs Attacking Him

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KCTV) -- Police are looking for two dangerous dogs believed to have mauled one man and attacked two other people.

Kansas City, KS, police said the attacks all happened over the weekend. They happened at 12th Street and Richmond Avenue, 14th Street and Richmond Avenue and 13th Street and Oakland Avenue.

According to police, animal control officers were able to capture one of the three dogs but continue to look for the other two.

The man who was mauled said the only reason he didn't get killed in the attack was because he was able to climb over a railing onto the front porch of his home and the dogs didn't figure out how to get to him.

"I thought I was actually going to die in the front of my house," Riley Carter Jr. said.

Carter, of KCK, said he considers himself lucky to be alive. Early Monday morning he heard a noise behind his house and found two big dogs - one brindle male Boxer that has a muscular build and cropped ears and a fawn female Boxer.

"I kind of shooed them away and they didn't do like regular dogs and run. They came full force like some attacking lions," he said.

The three, now locked in a deadly struggle, moved alongside the home. Then Carter made a fateful decision.

"I had to actually hold him up and stand him. I bit him behind his neck just to hold him there. Just held him there until I got exhausted and trying to fight off the second dog at the same time," he said.

Carter threw himself over the railing to his porch and luckily the dogs didn't follow.

A trip to the hospital and two surgeries later, and Carter is taking stock of his injuries.

"They got me here in my leg and they got me here [shows large bandage on upper thigh]. My arm here is just, this is just off, it's just ripped. It's ripped. It ain't never going to be the same again. Just about the same to here [motions to other arm completely wrapped in bandages]. And the dog got me in my groin," he said.

The dog that Carter bit also bit off a piece of his nose. He bit down so hard, Carter said he was still brushing dog hair from between his teeth Tuesday morning.

Carter is expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Police say the dogs should be considered dangerous and have shown very aggressive tendencies.

Please call the Animal Control Shelter at 913-321-1445 or the non-emergency line at 913-596-3000 if you have any information about these two canines.