Maize South Yearbook Accidentally Leaves 18 Students Out

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MAIZE, Kan. -- Recent graduates of an area high school are learning a tough lesson in editing. Some Maize South grad's picked up their yearbooks only to find out they'd been left out.

Anthony Vitale came back to his old stomping grounds to pick up his yearbook. The 2014 graduate was hoping to look back at the memories, but found out his class photo wasn't in it.

"It's a lot of confusion really because like because you want to be disappointed because it is your yearbook, your senior one and you want to be remembered for it," said Vitale.

Vitale was disappointed, but understands. He's in several other pictures for sports teams and academic clubs. He said his mother on the other hand didn't take it as lightly.

"She wanted a full reimbursement refund, she wanted the yearbook completely redone," said Vitale.

The yearbook class accidentally missed the last page of the 2014 senior class. 18 Recent graduates whose last names start with T-Z received an apology with their pictures inside the front cover.

2014 graduate Bryan Morel said it isn't enough for his classmates.

"This is something that goes with you for the rest of your life," said Morel. "They're not going to be able to show anyone they know, because if this page gets lost, that's it."

Vitale said the simple mistake won't make his book full of memories mean any less.

"I kind of wish I could have been in there but it's a simple mistake, a lot of people could have made it," said Vitale.

A school spokesperson said the 18 students are able to get a full $40 refund, but they will not be reprinting any of last year's yearbooks. The yearbook class teacher told the spokesperson they will go through every name in the future to make sure all students are included.