Mad Dash For Healthcare Causes Roadblock For Users

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- In the days leading up to Monday evening's deadline, health care navigators with the Shawnee County Health Agency signed up several hundred Kansans, but with a nationwide dash to beat the 11 p.m. local time deadline, they saw little success Monday.

With the clock ticking, states like Texas, California and Florida had people lined up Monday to become insured.

The scene in Topeka was much calmer, but those hoping to enroll still dealt with the fallout from the masses. The website shut down under the heavy traffic.

Certified Application Counselor, Kenny Yates said, "The amount of people logging onto the marketplace is just too much for the system to handle but we've been able to take them through the plans and give them an idea of what it can do for them."

Even before the latest issue, the Federal Government had said it would offer an extension to those who started the process before the eleven o'clock local time deadline.

"Tomorrow (Tuesday) there will be an application that will allow them to attest to the fact that that they made an attempt to complete the process and were not able to. They will also be able to call the marketplace call center and do that over the phone as well. We believe will go through the middle of April to allow users to sign up for health insurance."

Even with a few extra weeks, counselors urge people to act swiftly.

"I would just start the process as soon as possible, that way if you run into any problems, you have plenty of time to get them taken care off. That way you don't have to deal with the mad rush of people. You can get in and get it done and get the stress off of your shoulders."

The application for an extension will ask users what specific problems you experienced so it's important to still attempt to log into to ensure you will receive an extension.