Relief On The Way For Residents Struggling Without AC

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Update: Relief is on the way to residents of Luther Place II Apartments.

When 13 News visited the complex Thursday afternoon, temperatures topped 91 degrees inside. Residents said they started feeling hotter temperatures the previous Saturday.

Management said the system failed on Tuesday, and ordered the part required to fix it. They said all that could be done was wait for the part to be flown to Kansas City and delivered to Topeka Friday.

Tenant Patricia Matthews said she agrees with management and said they do a good job managing the complex. She said she didn't feel the AC faltering that weekend like the other tenants did.

They said they didn't have a specific time of when the building would be totally cooled off, but the primary focus was to make sure they system was up-and-running.

Friday afternoon a Carrier technician was fixing the system. The system runs two parts, and the first part was working Saturday evening.

Resident Karen Boren said she is going to stay with her granddaughter regardless, until the air is running. She said she loves her home at Luther Place.

"I'm sure they're doing all they can, but you just can't survive in this, and I'm a lot younger than some of the people here."


TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- While the temperatures rise outside, they are also rising inside of one Topeka apartment complex.

People who live at Luther Place II Apartments off Huntoon at Fairlawn, say they've gone days without air conditioning, many of whom are elderly and disabled. The heat is forcing some to leave their homes.

People are gathering in the commons area of Luther Place II Apartments because it's the coolest place in the building, 86 degrees. The air conditioning is broken.

"Something goes wrong with the air conditioning every year," Vice President of the resident's council said. He's been living at the complex for eleven years. "We have people here that can't even get out of their apartments that are suffering this heat."

Heritage Management oversees Luther Place -- they said they are waiting on a Carrier part to come in from Kansas City to fix the problem. The part was supposed to have arrived in Kansas City Thursday, to be delivered to the complex Friday morning.

Vice President of Heritage Management Amy Thompson told 13 News the AC went out on Tuesday.

Residents say that's a lie, that their air has been out since Saturday.

"They will tell anyone what they need to to keep them looking good, so they're not at blame," Robinson said. He said the air conditioning has been out longer than two days.

The Kansas Housing Resources Corporation said the office had gotten a complaint Thursday and went out to inspect the complex.

Thursday afternoon Luther Place management put out fans on each floor, notices on every door, cold water and fruit to help alleviate the problem. The management suggested residents from Luther Place II go across the street to the first Luther Place building to stay cool.

A thermometer on the seventh floor, the highest floor in the complex, read 91 degrees, even with all the fans on.

Karen Boren, along with other residents she knows, is leaving her apartment. She said the heat has been unbearable to deal with.

"I'm going to go to my granddaughter's tomorrow until Monday. Hopefully by then they'll have it back on," Boren said. "I'm drinking a lot of water, I've been dousing myself and my dog in the tub."

Boren said her dog, Teddy Bear, is feeling the effects of the heat as well. She is panting a lot more than usual.

"There's people here that I would really worry about. A lot of the older people, I think would be really, really hard on them, or those that are sickly."

Robinson said he and the other residents feel ignored when they've had problems, and they've thought about taking legal action.

"Things like this [have been] going on the whole time I've lived here. They put things off, ignore us, don't do what we need done. They act like we're a bunch of old, senile people that don't know what we're talking about. Put yourself in our place. When you turn 80, if you're living in a situation like this you're going to get fed-up with people treating you like you don't know what you're talking about," Robinson said.

KHRC said to their understanding the air conditioning will be fixed Friday, and will double-check to make sure it does.

Michaelann Razo, Luther Place II Apartment's manager, did not want to speak with 13 News.