Lucky Pair Survive Horrific Accident In Brazil

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ANAPOLIS. Bra (CBS) A grandmother and her five-year-old grandson in Brazil, miraculously escaped death and serious injury after being run over by a car in a horrific accident that was captured on tape.

A security camera caught the event on Tuesday as a Chevrolet sedan, out of control after colliding with a Honda while going through an intersection, violently rammed into a parked Volkswagen hatchback which was then sent it flying towards Vilma Teodoro do Nascimento and her grandson Joao Pedro as they were walking by unaware.

The impact caused the parked Volkswagen to spiral out of control and run over both them.

Surprisingly, the Joao Pedro was quick to pop up and go to the aid of his grandmother as she lay phased by the accident and passersby began approaching the scene.

Owner of the parked Volkswagen, Carlos Silva Araujo, recalled the moment of the accident.

"I arrived and parked my car here. I was right about here and then I head… I looked here and my car was going this way," Araujo said.

The two victims were immediately taken to a hospital in Anapolis, in the Brazilian state of Goias where the accident occurred.

After a series of exams, it was determined that the two had only suffered minor injuries.

Teodoro said she tried to get out of the way.

"I saw them, those two (cars) hit each other over there, I tried to get out of the way but there wasn't the time. When that white car ran over my back I didn't see anything else," Teodoro said.

In good spirits, Joao Pedro showed his wounds off.

"I was hurt here, here…and on the ear," the five-year-old said.

Teodoro believes it was divine intervention that saved them.

"It was a miracle from God," he said.

After both staying overnight in the hospital, Nascimento and Joao Pedro were both discharged on Wednesday and are at home recuperating.

Both motorists involved in the accident that led to the grandmother and grandson have been quoted by local media as blaming the fact that the intersection in which they first collided lacks a traffic light.