Lotto Scam Targets Wichita Residents

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)-- Debra Sellers of Wichita wasn't sold on a letter she got from 'Paragon Financial Group', saying she'd won 50-thousand dollars....but first had to cash an enclosed check for 38-hundred dollars.

She called the number on the letter, and spoke to a man with a thick accent. When she asked him to slow down, he sped up. He became very disgruntled when she started asking questions.

Denise also did research on the companies named in the letter she received. She couldn't find any solid information about any of them.

Denise Groene of the Kansas Better Business Bureau says you should never have to pay any fees in a true lotto sweepstakes. and that Debra would have been in big trouble if she had cashed that check. Debra likely would have been asked to wire money to the fraudulent company. She also would have had to pay her bank back, once the check was proven to be a fake.

Groene says these scammers are difficult to shut down because most operate outside the country and their phone numbers are difficult to trace.

Posted by Greg Palmer