Local Teen Pleads Guilty To A String Of Holdups And Murder

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- One teenager has pleaded guilty to charges relating to a string of holdups from last summer -- one that claimed an innocent life.

Frednetta Winston pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and battery against 42 year-old Lori Allison and aggravated battery against 40 year-old Natalie Gibson.

Winston and eight others are being tried for last July's shooting death of Gibson during a holdup in the victims driveway.

As part of her plea, Winston will testify against her co-defendants.
Other charges -- including attempted first degree murder -- will also be dropped.

Prosecutor's are recommending that District Judge Richard Anderson sentence Frednetta to four years and 11 months in jail for Gibson's murder.

Sentencing for Winston is set for December seventh.