Local Non-Profit Group Aims To Smash Out Hunger

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A local non-profit organization is smashing out hunger in a Topeka community one plate at a time.

SilverbackKS and Silverteens is a volunteer organization that strives to help the less fortunate in Topeka.

SilverbackKS and Silverteens were hustling and bustling in the kitchen at Hillcrest Community Center Tuesday evening.

In an effort to smash out hunger, 7 volunteers from the organization provided free hot meals to those 18-years -old and younger.

"Because it hasn't been done before and we want to help the community," Sabrina Womack, SilverbackKS volunteer.

"They get a 501 lunch and snack, but for most of those kids it may be the only meal they get the entire day and we want to change that," said Jude Quinn, SilverbackKS organizer.

"Because I like to help people because its fun. If I'm happy they're happy, then everybody's happy," said Billy Smith, Silverteens volunteer.

And the kids couldn't be more grateful.

"Awesome, awesome! 'Cause I don't have to pay for nothing," said La'zierre Vasser.

"It feels good because they are helping our community like for the poor the can come in and eat free," said 14-year-old Billy Henderson.

Organizers say its more than just providing a hot meal.

"We're not just here to serve them a dinner, we are here to get to know them and see how we can work with them to better their future," said Jennifer Quinn SilverbackKS organizer.

"It's nothing about providing a meal. It's about providing a moment where the kids can interact. It's a time where you can build community. That's what it's about, it's not about food on a plate," said Jude Quinn.

"It feels good because I can hang around all my friends and we can just have a good time," said Henderson.

The summer program runs for 11 weeks until August 8th. Volunteers say they received many donations from local businesses and churches and they hope this program expands to other community centers in Topeka.