Lawrence Tells Do-Gooder To Stop Helping People

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) -- The homeless. Domestic violence victims. Service members relocating. Desperate families.

Debbie Nall has thrown open the doors to her three-story house to these individuals and more. She's now looking to sell her home and move because the city of Lawrence is threatening big fines if she continues to help out the less fortunate.

Lawrence has an ordinance that says residents in a single-family zoned neighborhood cannot have more than three unrelated guests in their home over a 90-day period. Nall has made her case, but city officials say if she doesn't stop that they are going to issue hefty fines.

The city recently cited Nall after neighbors claimed. She says two of the guests mentioned in the citation were sergeants based at Fort Leavenworth who are in between relocations.

Stop helping people, Debra Nall says she couldn't stop if she wanted to.