Larry Wolgast Elected Mayor Of Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Carrying about twice as many votes as his rival Tuesday, Larry Wolgast was elected Mayor of Topeka.

The unofficial tally had Wolgast with 63 percent of all votes cast. Challenger Michael Ogle had 32 percent.

Five percent of the vote went to write-in candidates. Former councilwoman Betty Dunn launched a formal write-in campaign.

Wolgast is the current representative for Council District 5. He will succeed Bill Bunten, who opted not to seek re-election.

Wolgast is focusing on three major issues, working with neighborhoods, working on a plan to improve infrastructure and providing leadership in the council.

"I think there is a consensus among the council memebers. The infrastructure, public safety, economic development - these are things everyone talks about," Wolgast said. "We have to just develop a plan that we can work with and move forward."

Ogle said he was proud of the campaign he ran and says he plans to seek office again in the future.

"I'm absolutely satisfied with the way I ran my campaign. I'm very happy with the platforms we developed and the way we advocated for Topeka," Ogle said, "and we advocated for our positions in the community and what we think is important in the community. I really think our message did resonate."

13 News asked Wolgast about the perception that all mayors do is cut ribbons. He said that as a mayor, he is the leader of the people.

"In talking to many people, many peopl want to have that type of leadership in our community," he said. "We feel that if everyone can work together, we can accomplish a great deal. And I think that's what the citizens want."

Ogle said he is willing to work with Wolgast.

"This is Larry's gig. He owns it now, he was elected and it's his responsibility," Ogle said. "If we wants my input I'd be more than happy to talk to him about it, but he would need to ask me."

Unofficial vote totals:
Wolgast, 63%, 7269
Ogle, 32%, 3682
Write-in Candidates, 5%, 632

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