Larry Mah Adds New Hosts To Speed Up Lines

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-For most people, waiting in line at the Shawnee County Courthouse is the last place they want to be. Larry Mah's background in the restaurant business helped him come up with a new concept to ease the process.

"The concept comes from my childhood, but at the same time it's also from observation with what was going on in the office and listening to what the customers have to say and feeling their frustration," said Mah.

Customer's frustrations is what led Mah to hire 2 office managers or as he calls them "hosts" to monitor the front desk, make sure customers have the correct documentation and answer questions.

Mah says these so-called greeters have experience in the motor vehicle department.

"My main qualification was that they have people skills," said Mah.

The host says he is happy to help people, but he also sees the brunt of it.

"I have been called names before, I get yelled at constantly, somebody wanted me arrested one time. It gets pretty bizarre, but I know I can't take that personally," said Josh Bingham, Office Manager or "host."

Nevertheless, customers say they are happy that the new host allows them to spend less time at the treasurer's office.

"You ain't confined in the building so long," said customer, Gary Gibson.

"Compared to 3 hours waiting to 20 minutes there is a big difference, he did help. We're happier with it. So, it's a better service," said customer, Charles Lane.

The hosts are paid around $28,300 a year and Mah says that service fees may go up partially due to the new hosts, but it's also because of the new staff members that may be added to help the hundreds of customers that walk in and out.