Lady Living In Feces Water Pleads For Help

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A local apartment resident has been forced to live in filth.

A sewer back up has put Karen Shutts in horrible living conditions. She says her pleas for help from management went virtually unanswered.

Living with a disability and no money to move, Karen asked 13 news for help.

Karen said, "If a dog were living in these conditions, the owner would be in jail."

She moved into her one bedroon Bentley Place apartment in early July and immediately noticed something wrong.

"I woke up and kept hearing these noises, so I went around the corner and there was water feces everywhere."

Maintenance claimed it was addressing the problem but two weeks and a second flooding later, Karen is still waiting for repairs.

She said nearly everything is ruined, "My bedding, clothes and utensils are all ruined, and all they did was offer me a $230 credit on my deposit."

For Karen and others who feel victimized while renting, advocates say the Kansas Residential Landlord Tenant Act means you don't have to give in.

Rental Housing Counselor, Lisa Jewsome said, "The landlord is held to the same contract just like the tenant is and the act says they have to provide any electrical, plumbing and sewage maintenance in a way that the tenant can live in a safe manner."

Karen says the conditions she's living in, are anything but that. "This is Terrible, I've never lived in anything like this."

The property's owner BBMI, tells 13 News it is in a legal dispute with the listed managers, so they're not able to step in and take over maintenance...

The listed managers were unable to be reached for comment.