Protecting Topeka's River's And Streams Topped Agenda At Voter Forum

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Protecting Topeka's river and water streams was the top discussion at a League of Women Voters forum.

Superintendent of Utilities for the City of Topeka, Don Rankin was the guest speaker on how to keep our streams and rivers safe from urbanization and pollution.

Rankin also spoke about the recent report of high levels of haloacetic acid levels in district three rural water, in southern Shawnee County and Forbes Field.

"There's nothing new it's a long term issue something where we will have it in front of the city counsel for discussion during our capital improvement process at some point. The waters safe there is no need for any kind of concerns of any kind of short term, something where we just need to to take the necessary steps," Rankin.

Rankin wants to remind homeowners what they put on their lawns, eventually ends up in area streams.