Kansas Senator Hears Shots, Describes Lockdown On Capitol Hill

(WIBW) - Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts was in his office Thursday afternoon when he heard a "pop-pop-pop" outside his window.

Roberts spoke with 13 News in the wake of a shooting incident outside the U.S. Capitol building.

Roberts estimates the shots were about 20 to 25 yards from his window. He said he immediately walked out of his office to find people coming in. He said Capitol Police instructed them to take cover immediately.

Roberts said he had nearly two dozen people huddled in his conference room, including his staff, constituents who were visiting and an intern and his parents.

"We locked down," Roberts said.

During that time, Roberts posted a message on Twitter that all were safe. His colleagues in the Kansas Congressional delegation did the same.

Sen. Jerry Moran tweeted, "U.S. Capitol remains in lockdown situation. All members of my staff are accounted for." His office says Moran was in a meeting when the shelter in place was ordered.

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins posted, "We are all safe here. Praying for those involved." Her spokeswoman says Jenkins was in her office when the shooting occurred.

Roberts said his staff was prepared to execute the emergency plan, noting they had been through it several times over the past decade with air space threats and a gas scare. However, he said this situation was different in that people were coming into the office since the threat was on the outside, rather than evacuating to a designated location outside the building.

Roberts complemented Capitol Police, saying they acted professionally and quickly in handling the situation.