Kansas Revenues Less Than 2/3 Of Projections

(Courtesy: Kansas Dept. of Revenue)
(Courtesy: Kansas Dept. of Revenue)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Kansas collected $217 million less in taxes than it expected in May, but officials in Gov. Sam Brownback's administration say it's the result of a temporary problem.

The Department of Revenue release preliminary figures Friday showing the state collected about $389 million in taxes during May, when it expected to collect about $606 million.

“Unfortunately we underestimated, as did other states, the impact of the federal fiscal cliff, said Nick Jordan, Secretary of Revenue. “We look forward to putting this behind us and continuing to build on our record of job growth, reducing unemployment, continued fiscal responsibility and providing tax relief for Kansas families.”

Tax collections also fell short in April, and the total two-month shortfall is nearly $310 million. The Associated Press obtained the figures shortly before their official release.

The state expected to collect $5.2 billion in taxes from July through May but took in only $4.9 billion, a difference of 5.9 percent.

Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan said the shortfall results from issues surrounding federal tax policy. He said he doesn't expect future monthly shortfalls.

Posted by: Nick Viviani