Kansas Revenue Beats Expectations Last Month

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- Kansas collected $1.6 million more in taxes than anticipated in July, breaking a streak of monthly shortfalls in collections.

The Department of Revenue reported Thursday the state took in almost $409 million in taxes in July, when the state's official fiscal forecast predicted revenues of $407 million.

The July surplus was only four-tenths of 1 percent, but it was a sharp break from collections in April, May and June, which fell a total of $334 million short of expectations.

Those shortfalls sparked an intense debate about whether the state underestimated the effects of personal income tax cuts enacted at Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's urging in 2012 and 2013.

“While it is good to hear that revenue is not under water for the month of July, this still isn’t the ‘shot of adrenaline’ to the Kansas economy that Gov. Brownback promised," said Sen. Anthony Hensley.

“This is far from the growth needed to get out of the self-inflicted budget crisis that Kansas is facing as the direct result of Brownback’s reckless income tax cuts,” he continued.

Brownback's administration said the shortfalls were due to investors reacting to uncertainty about federal tax policies.

Posted by: Nick Viviani