Kansas Lottery Is Giving Back To Military Veterans

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- The Kansas Lottery is giving back to Kansas military veterans.

Kansas Lottery Executive Director, Terry Presta joined officials from the Kansas National Guard and Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs at the Kwik Shop near 21st and Bell.

He presented checks totaling nearly $1.8 million. all going to programs that assist military veterans.

The money comes from sales of special veterans scratch-off tickets.

The money supports tuition assistance, something officials say can also help the state.

"In order to get higher and higher rank, you need more and more education. So it somewhat pays the state back twice. Not only do they help their service members, but in many cases, these educational benefits allow the service members to stay even longer in the service because they can get another promotion, stay longer. So it's kind of a plus-plus for the state, Kansas Lottery Executive Director, Terry Presta.

As part of the presentation, a veterans mobile van was set up to serve veterans and their families.