Kansas Lottery: Holiday Millionaire Raffle Nearly Sold Out

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The following information was released Tuesday by the Kansas Lottery

TOPEKA, KAN.(Kansas Lottery) – It’s nearly “last call” for this year’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets.

Only 150,000 tickets will be sold, and as of 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, approximately 24,000 remained. These remaining tickets are expected to go very quickly, as last-minute buyers hurry in to make sure they have a chance to win $1 million on New Year’s Eve. Raffle tickets also make good holiday gifts.

The Holiday Millionaire Raffle grand prize drawing December 31 gives players their best chance of any game, at 1 in 150,000, of winning $1 million. Twenty-five $5,000 prizes, 25 $1,000 prizes, and 2,500 $100 prizes will also be awarded.

Tickets sell for $20 each. Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets are available at all Kansas Lottery retail locations. Players must retain their original Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets to claim a prize! The minimum age to purchase a lottery ticket is 18. As with any lottery game, the Kansas Lottery reminds players to play responsibly, sign their tickets and keep them in a safe place until the drawing.

Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets have been on sale since October 1. This is the fourth year for the Kansas-only game, and raffle tickets have sold out each year.