Kansas Gas Prices Continue To Spike Quickly

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TOPEKA, Kan.(WIBW)___ It's something the majority of us over the age of 16 can relate to. While we have caught a break with mild weather this winter, the same cannot be said of gas prices across the state.

One month ago, it looked as if gas prices could stay pleasantly under the three dollar mark in the sunflower state, but recently we've seen a spike across the country.

With prices nearing $3.40 in Topeka, people are second guessing any travel plans.

Topekan Ron McKenzie said, "It does make you reconsider your mode of transportation. Whether to drive or fly, it makes you think about it.

AAA ranks Kansas 17th among state wide gas price averages at $3.41/gallon but within a month, gas prices in Topeka have jumped from $3 to $3.37 on average. Some think it's a problem oil companies choose not to fix.
Jamie Court of consumerwatchdog.org said, "They have realized that by producing less gas, they can charge more and make more money."

No matter the price of gas, cars are a necessity to get from point A, to point B.
McKenzie said, "I think the gas stations and oil companies have found a way to stay in control of the competition.

AAA says a year ago, Kansas averaged $3.22 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline. we are 15 cents higher today.

The highest recorded average gas price in Kansas was $4.02 back in July of 2008.