Happy Ending For Kansas Dog Rejected After Walking 30 Miles

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SEDAN, Kan. (KAKE) -- A Kansas dog is making headlines across the country Thursday. The senior black lab retriever named "Ma Kettle," also known as "Lady," walked 30 miles home from Independence to Sedan, Kan. But she wasn't welcomed with open arms--her old owners didn't want her back, so she went to the care of the Chautauqua Animal Shelter.

Shelter manager Kelsey Loyd first met Lady a couple years ago, when she was brought there after her owner passed away. A family in Sedan soon adopted Lady, then a year-and-a-half later they gave her to another home in Independence.

"As soon as I seen the dog, I thought, that dog looks quite familiar," Loyd said. "I wasn't quite sure. And the dog knew me, the tail went wagging and that stuff. Then I come to find out, this dog has been here before and its name is Lady."

Unlike most tales of abandoned senior dogs, who are left to live out their final days in a shelter, this one has a happy ending.

After an article about Lady's feat was posted online, Loyd says he received dozens of requests from people interested in adopting her.

"It's just overwhelming that so many people care about this older dog," he said.

One of the first calls came from a woman in Florida named Helen Rich. She's not only rescued several animals over the years, she is also an heiress to the Wrigley Gum Company.

Loyd figured the dog that's come from nothing and the woman who probably has just about everything will be a perfect match.

"They have their own vet, they have two dog trainers," Loyd said. "A 10,000 square ft. house. She'll be with horses, other dogs. She'll be well taken care of."

Lady's new owner is also flying the dog out on a private jet from Independence to Tampa.

Posted by: Nick Viviani