Kansas Dad Catches Port-O-Potty Peeping Tom

Credit: KCTV
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OTTAWA, Kan. (KCTV) -- A father decided he had to act and caught a man peeping at people using a portable toilet at an Ottawa park.

"I was angry, it was emotional because I could have easily sent my 6-year-old up here, I trust him to come up here to use the restroom and I can keep an eye on him and I wouldn't have come with him," said Shawn, a father who confronted a man peeping into the portable toilet next to his.

Shawn, who wishes to only use his first name, is disturbed and angry by what and who he saw peering at children from a neighboring portable toilet at Ottawa's Orlis Cox Sports Complex Wednesday about 8:20 p.m.

"I take my son in there and I notice that there's a hole that was cut out," the father said.

Shawn didn't think anything of it, but stuck around nearby to keep an eye out for the other kids.

"There was a lot of kids here and there was a lot of families that I know," he said.

He noticed the portable toilet on the right remained occupied.

"Four or five kids went to the bathroom and came out and this guy hasn't come out yet," Shawn said. "So went in there to pretend like I was doing my business and I looked back and the guy's got his eye right to the hole looking at me right in the face."

He was face-to-face with a man Shawn said is not just a peeping Tom, but a child predator.

"I told him he was busted and I went out and got my son's coach," Shawn said.

He said a number of dads came over to confront the peeper.

"He hauled all the way to his car and sped out of here as fast as he could," Shawn said.

Parents in the small town are now on the lookout.

"It's sad you can't trust being around a port-a-potty now," said Amanda Beets, a mom who uses the park.

The man wanted by police is described as a white male in his 40s with light blond hair and glasses. The man fled the area in a gold or tan 1980s model sedan (possibly a Chrysler New Yorker or Oldsmobile).

Anyone who may have seen the man or vehicle and can provide police with more information should contact the Ottawa Police Department at 785-242-1700 or Franklin County Crime Stoppers at 888-311-TIPS.

Posted by: Nick Viviani