KCK Abortion Clinic Closes Over 'Lack Of Gratitude'

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) -- One of four remaining clinics that provide abortions in Kansas has closed amid a hostile political climate and financial challenges.

Its outgoing manager said Monday the decision was also prompted by a "lack of gratitude'' from a young generation of women who take its abortion services for granted.

The Aid For Women clinic in Kansas City, Kansas, disclosed on its website that the clinic closed Saturday. Patients are being referred to two clinics in suburban Kansas City and one in Wichita.

Clinic manager Jeff Pederson says he is tired of it all and that closing the clinic is the most politically expedient thing he could do.

He says enough abortion clinics are still open to absorb the patients. But he says it's just a matter of time before another one closes.

Posted by: Nick Viviani