Kansas City Break-In Chase Ends In Blue River

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KANSAS CITY, Kan A suspect in several car break-ins led police on a chase that ended with the suspect jumping into the blue river.

The suspect took his clothes off before jumping into the river.

Those break-ins took place in the 7400 block of 12th street. Police say the man was going from vehicle to vehicle, before he was confronted. they add he was acting very erratic, and agitated.

He was arrested, but then took off, and ended in the blue river.

He was having a tough go of it, too, since he was handcuffed. police were on the bank of the river watching this incredible scene unfold.

Again this man is handcuffed! the decision is made to go get him, and police enter the water.

Sources say the man was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and there's no word on the charges he'll be facing

Posted by Greg Palmer