Kansas Citizens Rally For Their Right To Bear Arms

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Kansas protesters were fighting for their gun rights Saturday and wanted their voices to be heard.

Hundreds of people gathered around the Capitol, Saturday, to support the rally for the Second Amendment.

"If we don't step up to do something, what's to stop them from doing anything more?" said rally supporter, Derek Rhoades.

"I want the politicians to know that we have a lot of people interested in pro-gun laws. We don't want more gun laws, we want to enforce laws we have already," said rally supporter, Lyle Thiessen.

Several had signs saying "Know Guns, Know Freedom." They not only are fighting for their gun rights, they are fighting for the rights of the people.

"The Second Amendment is about keeping the power to the people. The government is not about controlling the people, it's of the people, said Rhoades.

Protesters say we are not focusing the blame in the right direction.

"Blaming the gun for gun violence makes about as much sense as blaming the car when a drunk driver kills someone. It's the individual that does the damage. The gun is only a tool," said Thiessen.

Hundreds also attended the Gun and Knives Show at the Kansas Expocentre, Saturday. Sources say the amount of people who showed up is record breaking.

"The proposed gun legislation and the executive orders spurred everybody," said co-owner, Dennis Pearson.

Attendees disagree with President Obama's proposal for background checks on all gun sales and bans on military assault weapons.

"I believe in this country. I believe in the Second Amendment and I believe in the Constitution. And I think the people that are in power now simply don't believe in those things anymore and they should be voted out of office," said gun enthusiast, Kenneth Reid.