Kansas Chamber Names Pro-Jobs Legislators

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The following news release is from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce:
The Kansas Chamber has released its 2013 Pro-Jobs Legislator list based on legislators' support of sound business policy that strengthens our state's economy and attracts jobs.

"This session the Legislature tackled many tough issues and tremendous progress was made in many areas that have made Kansas one of the most economically competitive states in the region," said Kansas Chamber President and CEO Mike O'Neal. "The list of Pro-Jobs Legislators identifies lawmakers who voted at least 80 percent of the time to support a wide range of business issues and ensure the state's economic health during the last session. The business community thanks these individuals for working to limit government and create jobs in Kansas."

After each legislative session, the Kansas Chamber lists the business friendly lawmakers who voted in support of the tenets of free enterprise. The Pro-Jobs Legislator list focuses solely on the core business issues that impact the state's economy. These issues range from initiatives aimed at creating a more business-friendly tax climate, containing healthcare costs, improving the legal climate, improving the workers compensation and unemployment compensation systems to promote a fair regulatory structure.

"Kansas businesses are working daily to keep their doors open and employees on the payroll. This legislative session Kansas moved forward with pro-business policies that help keep jobs in the state. The positive steps achieved this session would not have been possible without the efforts of pro-job legislators who understand the critical need for a healthy business climate," added Kansas Chamber Chair of the Board of Directors Ivan Crossland, CEO of Crossland Construction in Columbus, Kansas.

Pro-Jobs Legislators in the Kansas Senate
Steve Fitzgerald
Mitch Holmes
Michael O'Donnell
Steve Abrams
Dan Kerschen
Rob Olson
Pat Apple
Jeff King
Ralph Ostmeyer
Tom Arpke
Forrest Knox
Mary Pilcher Cook
Elaine Bowers
Garrett Love
Larry Powell
Terry Bruce
Julia Lynn
Dennis Pyle
Jim Denning
Ty Masterson
Greg Smith
Les Donovan
Jeff Melcher
Susan Wagle

Pro-Jobs Legislators in the Kansas House of Representatives
Stephen Alford
Amanda Grosserode
Les Osterman
John Barker
Dan Hawkins
Virgil Peck
Sue Boldra
Dennis Hedke
Reid Petty
John Bradford
Phil Hermanson
Joshua Powell
Rob Bruchman
Ron Highland
Richard Proehl
Steven Brunk
Brett Hildabrand
J.R. Claeys
Richard Carlson
Kyle Hoffman
Marty Read
Will Carpenter
Mike Houser
Marc Rhoades
Ward Cassidy
Jim Howell
Allan Rothlisberg
Susan Concannon
Steve Huebert
John Rubin
Ken Corbet
Mark Hutton
Ron Ryckman
Travis Couture-Lovelady
Kasha Kelley
Ronald Ryckman
David Crum
Jim Kelly
Scott Schwab
Peter DeGraaf
Lance Kinzer
Sharon Schwartz
Willie Dove
Marvin Kleeb
Joe Seiwert
John Edmonds
Jerry Lunn
Clark Shultz
Joe Edwards
Charles Macheers
Arlen Siegfreid
Keith Esau
Peggy Mast
Gene Suellentrop
John Ewy
Craig McPherson
Bill Sutton
Shanti Gandhi
Kelly Meigs
Jack Thimesch
Randy Garber
Ray Merrick
James Todd
Mario Goico
Bob Montgomery
Jene Vickrey
Ramon Gonzalez
Connie O'Brien
Troy Waymaster
Brian Weber