Kansas And Missouri Top List Of Puppy Mills

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KANSAS CITY (KCTV) -- Hairless dogs, scabby and crawling with fleas. Puppies left in cold cages frozen solid and others left alone to die.

These are just a few cases revealed in the Humane Society of the United States' list of the worst puppy mills across the country.

Kansas and Missouri come out on top of the list.

The Canine Cruelty Prevention Act was passed in Missouri in 2011 to stop breeders from mistreating puppies. But it appears the problem still exists.

Twenty-two of the 101 dealers in the Humane Society's list of problem puppy mills are from Missouri, topping the list of worst breeders.

Coming in second was Kansas with 13, followed by Nebraska with 12. Arkansas and Iowa tied having six each. Most of the facilities in the report have since been cited by federal or state inspectors.

Johanna Steele, a breeder in Missouri, admitted to leaving a severely injured and nearly unresponsive Pomeranian named "Woofie" holding onto life for three days without taking him to a vet.

Then there was Missouri breeder Johnny Dake who was found with a dead 4-week-old Shih Tzu puppy frozen solid in an outside cage when temperatures were 9 degrees below zero.

According to the report, breeder Barbara Neubert admitted to slaughtering sick cattle from a local slaughterhouse in order to feed to the raw meat to her dogs. The meat was found rotting with maggots in her kennels.

There was also a dealer in Kansas City, KS, that made the list. However, it did not fail any federal inspections, but the Better Business Bureau gave it a failing grade.

The report also indicated that puppyfind.com is often linked to puppy mills, so be wary if you're extending your search for a furry friend to that site.

Because of the recent laws and more public scrutiny, about 15 of last year's worst puppy mills appear to have closed their doors.

Posted by: Nick Viviani