Kansas AG Says School Funding Will Depend On Legislators

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says the level of additional judicial scrutiny of public school funding depends largely on how legislators respond to a recent court ruling.

The Republican Attorney General told the House Appropriations Committee his views on the March 7th Kansas Supreme Court ruling.

Committee members are trying to come up with a financial solution to satisfy the court's orders.

The court ruled that past cuts in state aid to poor school districts created unconstitutional gaps in funding between them and wealthier districts.

"Well i know we need to fix what the court ruled we need to do as far as equity and adequacy and funding. it's going to have to be done before July 1st of this year," (D) Representative Harold Lane, Topeka.

Schmidt reiterated that legislators have options for complying with the decision, ranging from full compliance as ordered to spending a lesser amount and modifying the school funding formula.