KU And K-State Rivalry Runs Deep

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Fans of all ages went out to Lazy Toad at Fairlawn Plaza Saturday afternoon to root for their teams in the big match up between KU Jayhawks and K-State Wildcats.

Die hard K-State fans, Autumn Krischner and Austin Birk, say they came out to watch the 2 teams battle it out on the court and for the "good food, good people, fun atmosphere," says Autumn.

Austin is betting K-State will finish strong, while long time KU fans disagree.

"I would bet a lot of money! That's how badly I want them to win," says Austin.

"Well you know who should win? KU because we want them to!" says Helen Miller, coordinator of KU club.

"Go Jayhawks! Win Jayhawks!: shouts the crowd.

"I swear I bleed purple some days," says Austin.

Gary Shofner is a 1961 graduate from KU and a member of the KU club and he says,"it's a tremendous rivalry and I think it's great within the state."

"Go Defense! Yes!" shots a KU fan.

As far as the final score, K-State and KU fans have predicted the outcome.

"I could see a 73-63 win for K-State. I'm hoping so we will see," says Austin.

"I think we will win by 8-10 points if we play well," says Shofer.