KS Lawmakers Vote To Audit Motor Vehicle's System, Review Juvenile Justice Audit

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Kansas lawmakers voted to proceed with an audit of the state's problematic motor vehicle's system.

The Kansas Legislative Post Audit Committee, consisting of five House members and five senators, voted to proceed with an audit of the state's new motor vehicle's system.

State Senator Laura Kelly pressed for an audit of the $40 dollar computer upgrade that went live in May and has been causing long delays and problems statewide. Kelly called the implementation a "disaster."

Revenue Department Secretary Nick Jordan acknowledged problems, but said the system is processing more transactions than asked for time to fix the current problems.

"Please allow us time to get through this crisis," he said.

The committee did not take action on a specific time for the audit, noting that it would be "post-mortem" and not fix any current issues.

Still Kelly, a Topeka Democrat, said it was needed to help the state develop best practices for future projects.

The audit is slated to begin in December, Legislative Post Auditor Scott Frank said. It won't be finished until next spring.

The committee also heard from Acting commissioner of the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority Terri Williams.

An audit of the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex revealed severe security and safety problems, including injuries and sexual misconduct.

Governor Sam Brownback said the problems stem from decades of a failed approach to juvenile justice. In a statement he said,

By the end of last year, and "after a thorough review of the facilities by the state’s top corrections officer in February, we moved aggressively to make changes, including substantial personnel changes in the leadership team at JJA," he said.

"The audit clearly shows that for their safety, security, and well-being, juvenile offenders must be served by a professional corrections agency." Brownback continued.

The 10-member Post Audit Committee asked Williams to provide ongoing communication to the issues revealed in the audit, as they get addressed.

For the full audit report, visit http://www.kslpa.org/all_reports.php?page=1& and click on "JJA: Evaluating the kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex, Part I."