KNEA Files Complaint In Court Against Teacher Tenure

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- The Kansas National Education Association is challenging a recently passed law that eliminated teacher's due process in Shawnee County Court Monday.

The legislature passed House Bill 2506 eliminating due process rights of teachers commonly known as "tenure."

The KNEA called the policy an attack on teachers.

The KNEA filed a legal challenge to aspects of House Bill 2506, mainly section 31, which focuses on teacher's tenure.

KNEA's general counsel candidate, Davis Schauner, said, "We have a process that has worked for 40 years. We want to continue this and we want the best for our students in Kansas."

Schauner says the bill violates Article 2 Section 16 of the Kansas Constitution.

In a statement from Gov. Brownback he said:

“Today’s lawsuit by the KNEA is little more than an exercise in labor union politics. Kansas has high quality, well-funded schools and I signed HB 2506 to keep it that way. I am concerned this misdirected lawsuit may cast doubt on, or unwittingly endanger, school funding just as classrooms are convening all across Kansas.”

Posted by Greg Palmer