KDOT And AAA Prepare For Snow

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- KDOT crews sent hundreds of trucks this morning to clear the snow packed highways from Wichita to Salina.

"As of about 10 this morning we've had almost half of the roads in the state have snow on them, completely snow packed or partially snow packed," said Steve Swartz from KDOT.

AAA dispatchers have been managing calls since 6 Wednesday morning and they have already had more than 200 calls state wide. AAA Vice President offers some tips for driving on the dangerous roads: Make sure your gas tank is full and you car lights are turned on.

"Just slow down. Make sure you have your seat belt on leave plenty of distance between you and the driver. You need to probably increase your distance at least 3 times what you're used to when you're driving in this kind of weather," said Jim Hanni from AAA.

Terry Tillman from the City of Topeka says crews plan to have trucks out by 7 Wednesday night to plan ahead because their most important initiative is to keep people safe.

"Stay home if at all possible because we're going to be running full steam ahead. We're going to have everybody out and all the equipment out," said Tillman.

AAA is anticipating more than 200 calls Wednesday evening once the storm hits.