KC-Area Roofs Collapse Under Weight Of Snow

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Information from KCTV

The Kansas City area saw at least two reports of roofs unable to stand up to the weight of all the snow that fell Thursday.

The first incident happened at a dance studio in Gladstone, Missouri.

A dance instructor came to Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance Friday morning to give a private lesson, when she noticed sunlight and a gaping hole, the studio's owner said. The instructor called authorities. Due to the smell of gas, Missouri Gas Energy came out to turn off the gas.

No one was injured. The building has been condemned.

The owner said she was grateful that no one was at the studio when the roof collapsed. On a typical Thursday night, it would be packed but the studio was closed last night due to the snow.

Then, Friday afternoon, the roof of an apartment building in Kansas City, Kansas collapsed, also apparently under the weight of heavy snow.

The apartments are in the 2900 block of West 42nd Avenue.

This was reported about 2 p.m. Friday. No injures have been reported.