K-State Selects Architect For New Dormitory

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K-State has selected an architect for its $70 million residence hall and dining center project, which was announced in May following approval from the Kansas Board of Regents.

Treanor Architects’ student life design studio will be the architect of record for the new facilities, which will become part of the current Kramer Complex in addition to Goodnow and Marlatt residence halls.

Treanor Architects specializes in designs that support students’ personal, social and academic success. In the past five years, the studio has planned, programmed or designed 45 student life projects totaling more than $1 billion in construction dollars. These projects include student housing on campuses such as Texas A&M University, the College of William & Mary and the University of Missouri.

Treanor Architects has contracted with two specialty consultants to assist with the dining center’s design. Mesher Shing McNutt is an architecture and interior design firm that focuses on foodservice concepts. It has designed several notable dining projects, from the award-winning Turner Place at Virginia Tech to facilities for Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, Michigan State, Princeton and UC Berkeley. Ricca Newmark Design specializes in foodservice programming, planning and kitchen equipment design, and will provide design assistance for the kitchen and foodservice areas. The company has designed state-of-the-art kitchens worldwide, with recently completed projects at Dartmouth College and the University of Wisconsin.

“We really wanted to capture the student voice for the architects,” said Stephanie Bannister, associate director of housing and dining services. “We recognize that no one is better suited to express students’ needs than the students themselves. We are fortunate to have a team in place that will seek out, advocate for and listen to the voice of students.”

The project includes construction of a 450-bed, 129,036-square-foot residence hall and a 57,996-square-foot dining center, plus renovations to Marlatt and Goodnow residence halls. Once complete, the four buildings will be connected by enclosed walkways. The project will be funded with housing fees and revenue bonds.